So once again it’s evident I’m the one to blame. My outlook
on the world around me is oil paint that melts into the frame.
The smile on my face is quite revealing, that something does
not fit.No defense attorney appealing, not even fileing a writ.
Excuses are plentiful,... most would cop a plea. I would rather
sit on my hands, and enjoy the symphony. In my world melodic, I
dance to this tribal drum.In their world chaotic, I hear the locusts
hum.Right brain.... left brain in between I walk this fence. If I’m the
one who seems ill, tell me.......where’s your evidence?So many times
I’ve heard your words, yet they don’t fall in line with your deeds.
To many occurrences to number, go on ahead and keep blaming me.

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Antonio Rodriguez
over 4 years

Boo hoo take yer meds.

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Antonio Rodriguez

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