A Breeze Through Trees


We sit on the top of a mountain,
Surveying all that lies below,
Filled with an inner elation,
For emotion that each day grows,
The scene below seems perfect,
Under a clear blue sky,
And when our gaze turns inward,
There’s a feeling we can’t deny.
We look back and see a scene,
Where the landscape seems alive,
Our destination clearly unknown,
When did yesterday arrive,
Distant memories make us smile,
We see though it feels we’re blind,
And as we look at the forest below,
Our love is somehow defined.
All the things we see and feel,
Seem to come with a summer breeze,
It’s as if we hear a whisper,
That reminds us what we believe,
The heart seems to swell in size,
As the past becomes a dream,
And that whisper which we hear,
Turns into a silent scream.
Heart and mind seem to tell the soul,
Have faith in what you believe,
Hopes and dreams can become real,
With the breeze they’re somehow retrieved,
We each journey to a mountain top,
That place where elation fills the heart,
And though trees stand in the forest,
There are those that stand apart.
A tree might fall in the forest,
Yet that doesn’t mean it’s gone,
Just like a dream that’s hard to see,
It’s remnants come along,
That tree lies on the forest floor,
Though down it still exists,
A dream that seems is fallen,
Because it’s fulfillment we resist.
As we survey the land below,
The fallen trees we do not see,
Those that stand fill our view,
Dreams that still roam free,
That fallen tree might be unseen,
Yat we’re positive that it’s there,
And standing on a mountain top,
Love’s whisper we still hear.

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