Red Rose

To Marcy Howard

On your birthday I’ll buy a rose,
Close my eyes and dream,
I’ll think about this time last year
When love was what it seemed,
As I stare at this rose,
I wonder how you are,
I think about the times we shared,
And how love traveled this far.
Understanding doesn’t mean shit,
When with it you’re alone,
But there’s no way I can deny,
That through you, my future’s shown,
A single rose, is my crystal ball,
And yes, its color is red,
While in its petals I see your face,
As your tears flow in my head.
We all would like that happy life,
Where all our dreams come true,
And with these memories that I have,
The dreams came true, with you,
Though fantasy lives in our minds,
Reality is what we found,
Life does not change the rose,
Its thorn, is you not around.
A single rose has all the things,
That to you I need to say,
I love you and need you in my life,
Tomorrow and today,
I give to you this bright red rose,
A symbol from soul to soul,
A testament of how I feel,
To tha angel, that makes me whole.



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