A Constant Beating


It seems these days that our lives,
Are constantly lived on line,
Never talking in person,
Interaction somehow declined,
We live inside a changing screen,
Our dreams put up for sale,
And conversation has become,
A barrage of constant e-mail.
Technology and it’s benefits,
Have brought us to a place,
Where all we see are moving lips,
On a made up plastic face,
The television tells us things,
Yet we wonder are they true,
So many things are now ignored,
Not permitted to show through.
When cell phones were just a thought,
People were actually talking,
Now it’s all about texting,
And who is cyber stalking,
We concentrate on all the bad,
Taking pleasure  in other’s pain,
Now afraid to go outside,
Will we melt in the acid rain.
More and more the families,
Seem to go their separate ways,
As all the pain and suffering,
Become the memories that stay,
At some point in the distant past,
We were overcome by greed,
Letting the lure of technology,
Tell us what we need.
Is the individual forever lost,
We’re constantly told to conform,
And all our constant bickering,
Becomes a slowly swelling storm,
We’re confronted with information,
That for the most part doesn’t matter,
Watching as the dollar bills,
Just make the rich man fatter.
Is there some way to re-embrace,
The things from in the past,
To introduce ourselves again,
To those concepts that still last,
The most important thing of all,
That these days means less and less,
Is the love that lives inside us all,
And the heart beating in our chest.

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