Life Inside


We live our lives most every day,
With the hope we’ll see tomorrow,
Overcoming negative events,
Living with joy and sorrow,
We try to plan the days ahead,
Judging our future with the past,
Searching for that perfect mate,
And a love we hope will last.
Once we find that special person,
And in that love the heart believes,
All the things we searched for,
At that time the heart receives,
There’s no need to now keep searching,
But it’s so difficult to be alone,
It’s like being in the darkness,
When a light is finally shown,
Can a future look much brighter,
Because of something that we found,
And in or out of loneliness,
It’s you that’s still around,
Floating on a sea of memories,
As each moment passes by,
Now that you’re held in the heart,
You live inside these eyes.
Some things come with uncertain change,
And at times that change holds dread,
But all those things held in the heart,
Are more important than what’s in the head,
It seems we see what others have,
Believing it’s something we need,
Ignoring the emotion in the heart,
While it’s love we should believe.
Some might think they’re better off,
To not hold on but just let go,
And in our dreams we might protest,
But love continues to grow,
As the mind travels in circles of thought,
The time just passes us by,
While holding on asks the question,
The heart believes but why.
There are things we can’t control,
No matter how much we try,
It still comes down to that light,
Projected from the heart into the eyes,
We sit in silent contemplation,
Hearing never forgotten sound,
Holding on with every effort,
To the love we long ago found.

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