A Dream

to Marcy Howard

It seems, the dreams, that, we once shared, still, exist, inside,
Does it mean, they’re no longer dreams, if those thoughts, you only hide,
For, I want, the world to see, who it is, that had, this effect,
Are castles, in the sand, the things, that you erect.
Can, a dream, become, fantasy, lost, along the way,
Or can, it be, tied within, what, you do and say,
A dream, can last, a lifetime, or can die, unfulfilled,
But all, the things, that you see, reality, now instilled,
Dreams, can direct, your life, the direction, east or west,
And as you strive, for a goal, dedication, is your test,
If the dream, is held, by two, but only lived, by one,
Does that mean, achieving, is a race, you’ll never run.
A dream, commonly shared, while, all know it;s good,
Can turn, into a nightmare, though we wish, it never would,
You said, that, the words, I spoke, weren’t, what they seem,
Though, you feel, the same, as I, what happened, to the dream.
Still, this dream, is alive, it’s entwined, with memories,
And I know, it will never die, it’s my heart, that actually sees,
That though, it’s hidden, from, the one, it will always, be for two,
As I once, held you tight, this dream, lives, with you.



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