To Marcy Howard

Is there an expiration date, on matters of the heart,
Or is it all a mindless swirl, as long as we’re apart,
Can the past support us, in our quest for something more,
Or do we ask ourselves each day, what are we fighting for.
Thought in random circles, that end in just one place,
Thinking back to yesterday, and the smile on your face,
Each day is now spent wondering, is there something that we missed,
Because every moment travels back, to the first time that we kissed.
There is no effort that can erase, what was shown inside your eyes,
Love was there and it was real, and it wasn’t some disguise,
Through all the mindless chatter, through all the fallen tears,
What use are the whispered words, if you’re not the one who hears.
The mind and heart are now controlled, by a mindless array of thought,
That centers on the love we found, and the pain it seems we’ve bought,
In a circle there is no end, just as mind and heart hold you,
And though I’m mindless with my faith, love is mindless too!
.         Only you.



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