Real Life

for Eileen Conrad,to Marcy Howard

I wish, I could steal, us both away, form our, approaching fate,
But maybe, my mismanagement, gave us, another date,
And if, the outside world, goes by, does that mean, there’s inner peace,
And does this constant, nagging dread, ever, really cease.
For my effort, is something small, compered, to what she, goes through,
For, all my minute toils, can’t make her,
Go see, the doctor, if there’s, something wrong, but what, if there’s no repair,
If the problem, is unfixable, do you sink, into despair,
Every second, of the day, is filled, with her care,
And through, the empty promises, who, is really there,
Can education, change things, or will they, remain the same,
For if, your actions, alter life, is your life insane.
It’s not about, what you wear, or the shoes, upon your feet,
And that mansion, that, you live in, is still parked, along a street,
If your destiny approaches, will you stand and fight,
Or will, you slither, noiselessly, into the, pitch black night.
What, if all your, life long dreams, seem, to all, come true,
But just, when, you realize this, it’s all, taken from you,
Not, by your own hand.but by, the grasp of fate,
For when, alone, comes along, it never comes, to late
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