Flowing Blood

To Marcy Howard

We all have days both good and bad, days we wish we’d die,
Knowing that we want to live, but a wish lives in the eye,
If our own blood we could spill, forever is then gone,
And all the things we found together, would have to go along.
The blood that flows in these veins, belongs to only you,
And if that makes me some kind of fool, this pain will take its due,
Time can make things go away, but there are some things it can not,
I saw my blood in your eyes, it’s flow is what you’ve got.
You might laugh or call me names, but it changes not a thing,
Because, though I stand here all alone, inside the heart still sings,
Though tears might fall crimson red, their flow is one of joy,
As all the torture not having you, becomes the minds true toy.
All my instincts concerning you, I feel with my soul,
Call me crazy if you wish, but I feel you have the same hole,
The blood that flows our sacrifice, as we wish the other to hold,
Will we reach out in time my love, or will these hearts grow cold,
The flowing blood will not deter, this desire and need for you,
As I know you feel the same, yet what is it we can do,
To hold each other or hear your voice, is what we both now need,
My hand will always reach for you, together we’ll set love free.
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