A Drop of Snow


On a cold and lonely night,
As snowflakes start to fly,
Walking with the cold’s embrace,
We become part of land and sky,
The darkness hides a tear stained face,
And there’s none to hear the screams,
A heart sewn together so many times,
Separates at those seams.
The darkness hides the pain filled eyes,
None can see the shattered heart,
Anguished cries fill the night,
For another night spent apart,
There is no real sense of time,
Each snowflake the hourglass’s sand,
Yet they do not mark the passing days,
They emphasize our heart’s demands.
In the darkness shadows hide,
Clouds hide the moon and stars,
Can we still feel the light they give,
Or are we overcome by our scars,
A snowflake touches a rosy cheek,
Turned red by this cold,
Each snowflake a moment in her arms,
Another moment her I hold.
Heart and mind become a battleground,
The issue is which will win,
While in the darkness where none can see,
That battle rages within,
Somehow these falling snowflakes,
Seem to wash the tears away,
It’s then the memories whisper to me,
Can the heart come out to play.
The darkness makes the journey slow,
Each step somewhat unsure,
But the snowflakes seem tom touch the heart,
And I just want her more,
At times we want what others have,
Can a snowflake make us care,
Because amid the darkness in the snow,
It’s only her voice I hear.
In the darkness I look up,
And feel a frozen touch,
The snowflakes seem to make me feel,
That touch I miss so much,
In the shadows of the night,
The heart’s pieces all combine,
The love surviving in this heart,
Is love I was meant to find.

January 15th, 2017

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