Call Her Mine


Not long ago I met a woman,
But when I think, it’s been years,
She whispered to a broken heart,
And it heard through it’s tears,
That whisper told me she was mine,
Yet these arms hold empty air,
While I close my eyes late at night,
I think of jet black hair.
She brought a smile to my life,
Her own sparkle, her own shine,
Making the burden bearable,
But it gross heavier with time,
I’m better having met her,
Yet this heart’s no longer mine,
And when I close my eyes at night,
In my dreams I call her mine .
She’s now embedded in the heart,
And everywhere in the mind,
While all the peace the mind may seek,
Becomes what the soul can not find,
She lives inside my dreams at night,
A product of the hearts design,
And when I lie in bed alone,
With eyes closed, I call her mine.
Not a matter of possession,
Just that ever present need,
That manifests itself to me,
As I call her mine in the dream,
Every step throughuot the day,
It’s your smile I can not find,
And as this heart beats out it’s tune,
In the darkness I call her mine.
Fate somehow made us meet,
And it’s each other that we found,
While that has never changed through time,
It still lives, but has no sound,
I tell no one besides myself,
The wall’s there by design,
And every day I’m glad to know,
I get to call her mine.

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