To Marcy Howard

As the wind swirls the snow around;many wish for the spring,
Looking for the warmth and growth;that a new season will bring,
Winter extends its frozen hand;and in the spring, will come flowers,
As I take my snowy walk;to walk away, lonely hours.
Snow can seem an inconvenience; yet its something, we requires,
Each flake is a life with you;all the need and desire,
A frozen landscape in each flake;a world all its own,
While each flake is unique;does it mean, they’re all alone.
The countryside is snow washed white, but can it cleanse a soul,
And as the snow covers your path;can two snowflakes, become one whole,
Snowflakes cover me, head to toe;as I search this winter scene;
For the angel that gives me love; that lives inside of me.
Snow is now the echo of; things frozen that will melt,
Wrapped inside a snowy blanket;and the things we’ve felt,
Each snowflake makes me smile;and ignore this bitter cold,
As we need the snow to fall; and I need you to hold.
             ONLY YOU!



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