Clouds invade the night time sky,
The stars soon disappear,
Lightning flies from the heavens,
And thunder soon after we hear,
Shadows lengthen with the moonlight gone,
It becomes hard to see ahead,
As a heart lives in the darkness,
And the silence fills us with dread.
Unlocked by darkness a figure walks,
Though in daylight it’s kept at bay,
And as lightning stretches from heaven to land,
The thunder has it’s say,
The figure lurks in the shadows,
Silhouetted by flashes of light,
Hidden in the day time,
A product of the night.
Silent steps are taken,
No sound escapes his lips,
And though darkness leads the way,
The figure never trips,
Grown accustomed to the darkness,
In the night he comes alive,
With every moment dreading,
When  the daylight will arrive.
The figure may seem inhuman,
In the darkness does he breath,
Is his will somehow gone,
Does the silence somehow deceive,
Though the darkness hides the land,
His steps are measured and sure,
And with each moment in the night,
He hates the darkness more.
We may wonder is he man or beast,
Is he alive or the walking dead,
He’s just the product of a broken heart,
With no more to be said,
You might feel sorry for his pain,
But at least he’s still alive,
He just wanders aimlessly,
With the hope love will arrive.
Within the flashes of lightning,
You can see his bloodshot eyes,
And with every clap of thunder,
You hear the echo of his cries,
He holds on with what he can’t let go,
Lightning and thunder mirror his pain,
Searching endlessly through the storms,
To love he’s gladly chained.

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