Together Found

To Marcy Howard

It seems my raven haired brown eyed beauty,
That you, I can not let go,
And all those things we could not say,
Were the things we needed to know,
While with these things we never said,
Our lives became hourglass sands,
And the very person we need,
Trickled through our hands.
In your picture I can see the pain,
Yet there’s a smile on your face,
But your eyes give the pain away,
And I can feel it, in this foreign place,
I know that you really didn’t mean,
The things you said to hurt,
Because I believe in who you are,
And I trust what you are worth.
I’ve tried to think, if not letting go,
Means in some way I’m not sane,
But Marcy I know we’re educated,
In the very real meaning of pain,
I hope my actions in no way said,
That I wouldn’t be there for you,
Please look at all the scars we allowed,
To influence what we thought and do.
People can say all they want,
And we both know a lot was said,
Yet I know you’ just like me,
Stuck in each other’s heart and head,
Maybe we can allow ourselves to see,
Our hearts need not be lost,
So we shouldn’t let the whispered words,
To make what we found the cost.
   Still you.



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