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A Living Dream

To March Howard

I know, events, sometimes are;different, from what, they seem,
But, puzzles, exist, everywhere;even, when, you dream,
Life, it seems, is never fair;but should, assumptions, prevail,
When, you let things, pile up;remembering, every detail.
Each day, I, can only hope;you’re happy, where you are,
And maybe, on, some future day; we can sit, inside, the car,
I know, it would seem, as if;there’s been, no time apart,
For, the things, that were found; are thoughts, straight from, the heart.
I’d rather have, the real you;sitting, next to me,
Instead, of holding, just a thought;those brown eyes, I’d like to see,
So, I could see, the light inside;feel the warmth, from your gaze,
As the future, lies ahead; inside, your heart’s maze.
I understand, what I’ve found;and will never, throw it away,
For, the time, you gave to me; makes emotion, grow, each day,
I miss you, every moment;and I live, to hear, your voice,
And all, the things, I have, with you;from the start, were not, a choice.
I love you, for who, you are;and for what, you gave, to me,
Now, I am, forever yours;and this heart, is finally free,
You are, my heart’s one desire;no other, person, will do,
And the dream, will come, alive;for, the dream, is already true.



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