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Dreams with Wings


Birds fly across the sky,
A part of the great white blue,
Flying just apart of their lives,
Dreams that somehow come true,
Our dreams are caused to fly aloft,
By a heart that reaches far,
And as the dreams are allowed to fly,
In the darkness a twinkling star.
Though like you the heart has doors,
The mind holds the keys for flight,
Dreams allowed to come alive,
And it happens every night,
Some might call these dreams a nightmare,
But I call them dreams with wings,
A place where emotion overcomes,
Where together heart and soul sing,
The subconscious at night is allowed to go free,
The door to our dreams is opened wide,
While the heights to which they soar,
Is controlled by what lives inside,
As the heart beats in our chests,
In sleep that beating slows,
But things that make us truly happy,
In the darkness are permitted to show,
No matter what we try to forget,
In our dreams some things survive,
And once the heart feels love,
In our dreams that love can fly,
Every night love is freed,
I accept this dream with wings,
Heart and soul are not embarrassed,
If their song we loudly sing.
That dream overtakes the person,
An emotion that’s something real,
A love that takes wing in my dreams,
A dream that I still feel,
At times our dreams may crumble,
Lying broken at our feet,
But live lives throughout the day,
And in our dreams each night repeats.
Many people might give up,
But your whispered words I hold dear,
And if any time you feel alone,
Just whisper and I’ll hear,
In a time of deep despair,
You made A broken heart sing,
And every thought I have of you,
Just proves that dreams have wings.

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