A Pumpkin’s Power


A brand new month begins again,
At it’s end All Hallowed’s Eve,
Witches and goblins will roam the earth,
Jac-o-lanterns glow with evil glee,
Fall begins it’s rush to brown,
As cobwebs hang in the air,
Pumpkin spice is back again,
While a skeleton sits in a chair.
Cornfield mazes and horror houses,
With costume parties at night,
Fright filled screams that fill the air,
From creatures that shun the light,
A period of time when darkness reigns,
And when shadows come alive,
While clattering bones and clinking chains,
Are when the ghosts and skeletons arrive.
Trick or treat occurs this month,
As each year we know it will,
While children roam the neighborhoods,
Hoping to get their fill,
Pumpkin’s watch with flickering eyes,
Chaperones in the dark,
Every sort of thing is seen,
As the darkness leaves it’s mark.
A pumpkin lives on my arm,
And in the darkness still it’s seen,
Put there with my own two hands,
Both a symbol of you and of Halloween,
Masks can hide our identities,
While darkness can hide our eyes,
As any costume that we put on,
Is just the heart’s disguise.
As the leaves start to change their color,
And while temperatures begin their fall,
We celebrate the darkness,
For a night we hear it’s call,
All the things that frighten us,
Have come from someone’s mind,
And if a costume scares someone,
Their fears are then defined.
I’m elated this time of year,
For memories live this night,
A Gargoyle holds me in her arms,
And she remains until the light,
In my dreams that come each night,
The darkness makes them come alive,
The heart and soul reach out for you,
But in what costume will you arrive.

October 4th,2016

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