A Season Inside

To Marcy

Now it is that time of year,
When temperatures begin to drop,
Nights start getting longer,
And our memories do not stop,
A crispness fills the morning air,
As nature prepares for Fall,
While that morning cup of coffee,
As it’s sipped makes memories call.
Now we walk through fields of green,
But we see what lies ahead,
All the color that we now see,
In a short time will be brown and seem dead,
Yet somewhere buried deep inside,
In a seed planted in the heart,
Beautful things live within,
Destiny bestowed our start.
Summer brings the days that smoulder,
With muted shades of brown and green,
As Autumn takes us to that time,
When colors are somewhere between,
Winter ushers in the snow,
A time when all is pure and white,
Then springtime seems to take the role,
As the keeper of color and light.
The seasons mirror human lives,
Each have their ebb and flow,
Though appearance might be somethings dead,
Inside it still can grow,
The eyes presented with what it sees,
But appearances can be deceiving,
And so much more is possible,
If with our hearts we are believing.
There might be that day and time,
When ourarms hold empty air,
But love that lives inside the soul,
Is a whisper that each day we hear,
Just think about the seasons,
Believe in what you feel,
And if love is held inside the heart,
If believed in, each day it’s real.
The seasons are a useful guide,
They show us whats to come,
They show that love will always live,
A perpetual seed once it’s begun,
At times we might be cold and lonely,
But that seed planted is still alive,
And when the circle comes back around,
Its with love that we still survive!

August 27th,2016

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