Snow Potion


In a silent forest,
In the snow beneath the trees,
A figure wanders aimlessly,
With darkness all he sees,
Life goes on around him,
In this darkened cold,
The coldness overtakes his heart,
But a smile is what he holds.
There may be pain in a heart,
Scars magnified by the mind,
Yet no matter what comes along,
What’s found we need not find,
Peace might come in many forms,
It’s different for me and you,
For me a walk in the darkened snow,
Helps me see emotion true.
The only sound that you can hear,
Is a slight crunch upon the ground,
And as we walk and contemplate,
The pain seems not around,
The silence is a comforting sound,
Though it makes you feel alone,
Yet in all actuallity,
The heart holds all we own.
Though it might be cold and snowy,
The forest is still alive,
Hidden in the shadows deep,
Love still survives,
Immersed in a silent snowy world,
The cold illuminates true emotion,
And as we remember with frozen tears,
It’s still you... that’s my snow potion.

February 5th,2016

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