A Silent Voice

To Marcy Howard

Every moment that we’re alive,
My lips speak to you with no sound,
And though you may not care to know,
It grows with leaps and bounds,
The heart’s alive in both our eyes,
Though we pretend that nothing’s found.
When you look up in the sky,
Whether its light or dark,
The colors that you see up there,
Are the mutterings of this heart,
A silent voice with so much to say,
The hearts unheard remarks.
A voice that comes from nowhere,
With a sound that can’t be heard,
Wrapped in all our surroundings,
And in the song of every bird,
With colors that speak of memories,
While never speaking a word.
Daily reminders of what we can’t forget,
Its that voice we always hear,
Its laughter, smiles and everything,
Even the silent falling tear,
And though our hearts can not speak,
Love whispers through our fear.
Only you.



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