A Single Rose

To Marcy Howard

On a day not long ago;a rose you gave to me,
Just a single bright red rose;love for me to see,
In those bright red petals;glimpses of the past,
Yet reminders for the future;as hope is meant to last.
One simple brilliant flower;is embedded in my soul,
With the thought of that rose;I need you to make me whole,
A symbol of undying love;but  a gesture of what you feel,
A symbol that can be held;a symbol that is real,
Roses grow each and every year; yet a withered one I hold dear,
For just a glimpse of the withered bloom; and my love’s so very near,
A single rose I give to you;just like the one given to me,
Is a symbol of love that’s real;something tangible you can see.
Though this rose exists on paper;I’d give you one if I could,
Kneeling so I could hold your hand; just as you know I would,
Take the rose from these words;keep it close to heart,
For its a symbol that love won’t end; it only has its start!!
          Love lives!!



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