to Marcy Howard

We, can not, hold on, to pain;it, negates, positive things,
Memories, need not, be sad;no matter what, the past brings,
Hold on, to the days ahead;each day’s, a brand new start,
Live your life, happily;trust, what’s in, your heart.
Don’t feel saddened, by mistakes;or listen, to advice,
For, the words, that you may hear;could be chilled, by inner ice,
Advice isn’t, what you should do;it’s what, the giver would,
Use it, as a guiding force;your heart, knows what it should,
If, you try, to live your life;with someone else’s dreams,
You might never, find your heart;or walk, the winding streams,
Happiness, lives inside;not in, the words you hear,
Stand, for what’s, inside your heart;ignore, that falling tear,
Loss, is something, at times, we feel;but think, of all, your gains,
For though, you  think, that something’s lost; you might find, it still, remains,
Use your voice, no matter, how;let, the whole world see,
That, you believe, in something real;that you, believe, in me.
Use your heart, to map, your path;trust, in what, you feel;
Because, this, is not, a perfect world;yet emotion’s, somehing real,
So, take your steps, head, held high;live each and every day,
With, the knowledge, you’re never alone;another soul, feels, the same way.
And if that fear, holds you back;just ask, the question, Why,
And maybe, you might see, my love;that love, lives in, the eyes,
For as, each day, will surely pass;love, will just increase,
Freeing us, from, the past;to gain, our heart’s, release.
           Yes, I do!!
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