Caring Heart


Darkness takes on many forms,
Yet light does the same as well,
Shining through the darkness,
To light up a living hell,
The heart wants all the things it wants,
But the mind confuses all it feels,
While just a little simple kiss,
The hearts fate forever sealed.
At times confusion hides the facts,
Leaving us unaware in it’s wake,
And as we try to insulate ourselves,
Love occurs with no mistakes,
We all are only human,
With our fears and all our doubts,
As we aimlessly wander around,
Surprised at our doing without.
I might have the things I fear,
But in that I’m just like you,
So please never give up on me,
Or the emotion that shines through,
All the things we dream about,
In pieces are still alive,
And never think I do not care,
It’s all that helps me survive.
If you look at the night time sky,
And for whatever reason you feel down,
Close your eyes and think of me,
Though silent I’m still around,
There’s no way the stars can speak,
But the heart has much to say,
And even though those stars can’t speak,
They can clearly show love the way.
There is no way to run and hide,
From those things that live inside,
And though we grow confused at times,
Love can not be denied,
Pain and guilt made me blind,
To hold the real me in reserve,
Living with the sobering fact,
That you’re more than I deserve.
There are things I can not do,
And there are things I’ll never be,
But every day I think of you,
Because you gave so much to me,
No matter how things might appear,
Just listen to the wind,
A whisper carried in it’s flow,
Says love survives from where it begins.

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