Destiny's Denial

To Marcy Howard

Destiny controls us all,
No matter how we protest,
Even though its hard to swallow,
Or impossible to digest,
People sometimes call it fate,
Some even call it doom,
And even with a positive spin,
You’re alone in a crowded room.
In this life there are those things,
Seemingly impossible but very real,
And in your heart you will know,
Its something that you feel,
As people come events transpire,
To make going on seem wrong,
But other peoples music,
Isn’t written for your song.
Though it may seem stupid or insane,
One woman is my key,
To free the man that lives inside,
Hidden behind who you see,
While she had just a glimpse,
We live in each others smile,
There is no way to turn back,
Even with our destiny’s denial.
        Only You!!!



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