A Song Still Plays


Records survive for many years,
And music lasts throughout the ages,
Songs that repair a broken heart,
Or voice the inner rages,
Some songs speak od dire events,
While others are full of praise,
Some are sung in pouring rain,
And those full of sunny days.
At times the beat can stay the same,
Or it can lament things we think are lost,
It might sing of something found,
Or mention overwhelming cost,
Songs are sung that talk of love,
While others might talk of remorse,
Some you’d like to whisper,
While others we’d shout til we’re hoarse.
There are times we don’t remember the words,
And we just try to hum along,
Reaching to remember the words,
Or make love to carry on,
Certain songs illicit a reaction,
From smiles to sobs and tears,
And as we listen to the melody,
Is it a song that we both hear.
We take words and mix them with music,
And together they reach to the soul,
Speaking to a beating heart,
As the mind fulfills it’s role,
Darkness can speak with a melody,
That’s heard without any sound,
An echo of a hearts longing,
And the things with you it found.
The words are playing in my head,
But more importantly they message the heart,
And when in the darkness all alone,
With that song we’re no longer apart,
The words can reach through time and space,
With a song that only the heart can hear,
And when I hear the words it sings,
My tomorrows hold no fear.
I found you is the song that plays,
When I’m down it helps me see,
That holding it’s words close to heart,
Through the air love still roams free,
Music plays inside the soul,
It echoes through my days,
And late at night in my dreams,
The song of love still plays.

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