Can Someone Care

To You

If a person pushes everyone away,
Are they destined to be alone,
Do they cultivate silence,
Is it the only thing they’ve grown,
Through the years seeds are planted,
But their growth somehow destroyed,
With every method known to man,
At some point then employed.
Can a person only exist,
In the thoughts they write on paper,
Somehow lost inside a poem,
A words unknown savior,
At times the person in the mirror,
Is regarded with uncertain fear,
While all the whispers behind the back,
You pretend you can not hear.
Is understanding a foreign place,
Do questions rule the mind,
Is it possible to have someone care,
Or is it something you can’t find,
Tears run down a sunburned face,
Does the burn soak right in,
It’s hard to answer questions,
When you don’t know where to begin.
There are those times you want to believe,
And at times you think what’s the use,
Though at times the heart’s the savior,
As we’re caught in it’s abuse,
Heart and mind together,
Seem to fuel our fear,
And in the darkness late at night,
We wonder can someone care.
When at night we lay down to sleep,
And our pillow supports our head,
Without the prejudice of the light,
Dreams fill our empty bed,
Here and there we ask ourselves,
Questions already posed,
In the dark the answers are all the same,
With eyes opened or even closed.
Our dreams stare into the darkness,
Providing both dark and light,
And all the things our hearts can see,
We avoid with all our might,
The answers do not change,
If we blink or if we stare,
And the answer to the question,
Is yes, someone can care.

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