To Marcy.Howard

Frost slowly forms, on the cars inside glass,
As the heart holds on, to to love that each day lasts,
People see the pain, but do they really care,
To them it does not matter, what really lies in there,
The temperature inside drops, as memories  provide the chill,
But even in the frigid cold, love abides there still.
Blowing snow and sub freezing cold, yet love lives inside the heart,
And as others see this icy stare, they can’t see the missing part,
A story that’s not uncommon, as we turn a written page,
As the world stops and points, and feigns a bit of rage,
Circumstance may attempt to kill, a thing that still exists,
As the love still holds on, and its fulfillment we resist.
We chase the dreams every day, yet they’re pointed out as wrong,
As the people pointing, never hear the song,
The things that were discovered, we should remember not forget,
With love a bridge to tomorrow, filled with happiness not regret,
Each day that elapses, makes the knowledge real,
That tomorrow holds the heart aloft, with its wings the things we feel.
Though at times it may seem, holding on becomes a tomb,
Holding on keeps love alive, not an emotion to exhume,
If in our heart loves kept alive, there exists that inner place,
That realizes what we found, is a thing we can’t erase,
Though it seems a grave was dug, that thought is just a lie,
As we grasp that love is real, and lives in hearts and eyes.
.         ONLY YOU!!!!



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