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A World In A Smile

to Marcy Howard

There never will be, a day, when, her smile,
Doesn’t make me remember, or forget, for awhile,
Her smile, brightens darkness, her presence, stills fears,
Her absence, is deafening, drowned out, by the tears,
I worry, how she is, what, about this, is right,
Did I help her, feel better, or did I, obscure, her sight.
To help her, be cared for, to know, she’s ok,
Does love, help you, or just get, in the way,
Can you do, what’s needed, what you know, you must,
Or will the mind, betray you, with the heart’s distrust,
Never, could I imagine, the anguish, I feel,
When at night, I roll over, and her absence, is real.
So much, real pleasure, followed by, doses of pain,
It seems, our lives, are dampened, by the rain,
Mountains and highways, with, days at the beach,
Yet it seems, those activities, are just, out of reach,
And through, this entire journey, one thing, shines through,
I never, thought love, was real, until I found it with you.



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