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Dream True


In the realm of possibility,
In that place where dreams come true,
I hold a woman in my arms,
And I see that woman is you,
Each night the dreams reach out to me,
In this land of fantasy,
As daylight holds some inner curse,
Some false reality.
Combine what’s real with what is not,
Then mix the two together,
Believe what is and what could be,
Can occur in any weather,
Try to hold the things you love,
In the mind and heart,
As life holds truth and fantasy,
And we can’t tell the two apart.
In a land with dreams and castles,
in that place where dreams come true,
I hold a woman in my arms,
And each night that dream is you,
The darkness sends it’s shadows down,
Yet in it lives love and light,
And though there is no peace inside,
Not all our choices are right.
In that land of nightly dreams,
There’s a departure from all that’s real,
While all that drives us is our hearts,
But we’re steered by what we feel,
At the past we look back,
With wonder at how we survived,
And as we look at dreams fulfilled,
We wonder when we arrived.
In the land of love and loss,
As we hold a dream come true,
A woman’s nestled in my arms,
And forever that woman is you,
Darkness invades a tortured soul,
Accompanied by sight and sound,
While the things we believe are lost,
Are the only things we found.
In a land constructed of our hopes and dreams,
Can we see that dreams come true,
And every dream I have at night,
Contains me holding you,
In a circle we know that’s endless,
In a land where every face is you,
Two arms hold me through the night,
And with you these dreams come true.

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