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Jayda's Free

To Marcy Howard

Every day I write a poem;to ease this pain that burns,
And as you hug our daughter;what memories do we earn,
All the promises that were made;yet so few were kept,
While you have your happy life;inside the tears we’ve wept.
You’re surrounded by the memories;of when it was you and me,
But what was found is now caged;with a goal we can not see,
Now I’ll live my lifetime;hoping you do well,
Believing that the memories;are something we can’t sell.
Jayda is the living proof;you still feel what I feel,
And when you hold her in your arms;she’s a memory that is real,
I hold you as you hold her;and to your picture I refer,
To the eyes where I found love;while these tears do not deter.
I could send you a message;but it seems you’re happy now,
Maybe holding Jayda;is enough for you somehow,
I’ve never wanted fortune and fame;all I need is you,
And as I look at your picture:I know you’re waiting too.
Yes I still am waiting;Yet I wait here all alone,
Believing that you’ll reach out; to make this pain unknown,
So every time you hug Jayda;You’re also hugging me,
And in that very moment;both our hearts are free.
                I wait for you!!!!1



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