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Always Will

To Marcy Howard

I wonder at this moment,
When your heart will be free,
From all the fears and doubt,
That exist in you and me,
I sit here thinking, you think of me,
I can hear your sultry voice,
As I wonder about the tears,
If only there was a choice,
I know in moments when you’re alone
While you’re poised to start the day,
I’m in your coffee’s first sip,
As dreams seem in the way,
I feel your thoughts surround me,
Lift me up from this pain,
I hear your voice whisper to me,
I walk with you, in this rain.
As we think of each other,
We hold true love inside,
As our thoughts surely prove,
This love, won’t be denied,
Inside our thoughts, love is alive,
No matter how hard we try,
To pretend it doesn’t exist,
As out tears, show that’s the lie.
Thoughts of you are my salvation,
They’re what make me breath,
To say I need you in my life,
You can surely believe,
Believe, I am there with you,
Believe, I love you still,
Believe, you are the woman I need,
And love you, I always will.
        YOU ONLY!!!



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