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How Far To Fall

To Marcy Howard

As we make our choices, with everything now being gone,
Do we have to lose ourselves, and where is it we belong,
Concentration might disappear, desire may fade fast,
While today’s not very important, if yesterdays what lasts,
And when it seems there’s nothing left, when we’ve lost it all,
Love may be the only thing, to hold on to as we fall.
We could hold no better thing, if something we found real,
And there might be forever, in the things we feel,
Circumstance  is always there, but what can make us listen,
As in the corner of our eyes, the teardrops clearly glisten,
Thoughts may revolve in circles, only love stands tall,
While how hard we hold on, determines how far we fall.
Possessions  surely come and go, but simple things can mean more,
Aw we accumulate our things, yet wonder what they’re for,
And if it seems we need help, we strain to hear that voice,
That extends a heart and hand, but leaves us with our choice,
There are times when only love, heeds that inner call,
As we decide to listen and see how far we fall.
How far can we fall, when only love is seen,
And as we fall from the top, what does this falling mean,
The heart holds on to something real, a thing that will not die,
A thing that lives in heart and mind, emanating from inside,
Love becomes all that’s real, its voice our only call,
And if we hold no matter what, into each others arms we fall.



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