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The Lesson

to Marcy Howard

Thoughts, of happiness, come every day;yet, they’re entwined, with thoughts, of loss,
And if, I concentrate on one;could, the other, be the cost,
Both, have brought me, positive things;yet I, concentrated, on pain,
While, now it seems, that both, are gone;with one, I’ll never regain.
I, now see, the lesson here;as I know, I’ve been, a fool,
For, no matter, what age you are;every day, life is, a school,
Besides, all, the lessons taught;without, all the, advice,
Sometimes, all the lesson’s learned;can leave you, cold as ice.
Just like, when, you were, a child;you must walk, before, you run,
Though, you don’t, catch on, at first;mistakes, can be undone,
Some things, we’re, not meant, to know;experience, makes, you learn,
And, through, mistakes, we all commit;new knowledge, is what you earn.
There, are things, we can’t explain;even though, we seem, to try,
Just, be happy, they come your way;trust your heart, it will not lie,
Love, is something, for which, we search;unfortunately, some never find,
Yet, as, you’ll learn, throughout, your, life;once found, it lives, in heart and mind.
       It still lives.And will not die
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