The Rose's Thorn

To Marcy Howard

The beauty of a bright red rose;lives inside the mind,
Though a heart gives it life;nature’s grand design,
A bright red rose holds memory;of beginnings or of an end,
Lost inside a memories grasp;and the past that we defend.
While the rose has it’s aroma;and can inspire bright memories,
The thorns always prove their point;and spoil love’s reverie,
In this rose’s eternal beauty;love lives yet sometimes dies,
Living in our hearts and minds;alive inside your eyes.
Do we concentrate on the beauty;overlook the thorn,
Or believe the beauty just a mask;a lie that we have worn,
The rose can never be posessed;but the beauty we can hold,
Regardless of the present facade;or the emotion that seems sold.
I hold a rose in my hand;its significance will live on,
Though a thorn reminds me well;of a love that’s never gone,
And as the days slowly pass;and the trail is well worn,
It lives inside a heart now pierced; by a rose’s thorn!!!
       It will not die!!!



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