To Marcy Howard

You and me, so much alike, yet different in so many ways,
Both found a thing we searched for, but the past just had to replay,
So much for us changed in life, yet so much stayed the same,
We found love in someone’s eyes, but made it just a game,
We hold the future in our grasp, but cannot release the past,
Reaching for the scars again, instead of what still lasts.
It seems the past keeps us chained, as the scars we can’t let go,
And as the skeletons  dance about, they reveal our true foe,
Not those things that cut us deep, but the whispers in the mind,
That make releasing demons past, a solution hard to find,
Though the dream is paralyzed, with you the hearts still free,
Even as the skeletons dance, and our hearts ignore our pleas.
The future now is what we hold, the past has had its time,
Our hearts led us to one another, though it seems our minds decline,
Even though the scars still live, so do the things we feel,
And every day our memories, remind us that its real,
Though paralyzed and conditioned, to reject the love we found,
Every day is deja vu, love though paralyzed is still around.
.       You



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