As The Snowflake Falls

to you

A trail winds through frozen trees,
Their branches dressed in white,
As snow begins to cover them,
In the middle of the night,
This trail crosses a hidden stream,
Though frozen it’s voice still heard,
Under the ice the water’s flowing,
The water’s unspoken word.
As the snow soon covers all,
There’s a lesson we should see.
Though all is covered and turned pure white,
Love still wanders free,
Life survives underneath the snow,
Even though it’s cold and wet,
As love lives on inside a heart,
Because the heart can never forget.
Every year we see the snow,
And every year we feel the cold,
Though the wind may swirl around,
In the heart it’s love we hold,
During the winter we only see,
Things not covered by the snow,
Life still exists all around,
Even if at times it doesn’t show.
Emotion seems to echo this,
It still lives though none can see,
And love surviving in the heart,
With the thaw will soon be free,
Somewhere inside the silence,
As each snowflake falls,
Our footsteps lie behind us,
And it’s then a broken heart calls.
The past holds no changes,
Snowflakes already gone,
As our hearts whisper to us,
Our dreams will carry on,
A snowflake is such a small thing,
Combined with others it can make us blind,
And when the snow soon melts away,
What remains is what we find.
Though our hearts are part of living flesh,
With emotion we’re on our own,
It’s about the snowflakes piling up,
To hide the things we’re shown,
Love that lives inside the heart,
Just waits for spring to call,
Cold can not kill the love,
Even as the snowflake falls.

January 21st, 2017

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