No Way

to Marcy Howard

Why won’t you, apply yourself, to the, emotion, we created,
Using anything, for an excuse, instead, of what’s being debated,
You say, I never loved you, that all the words, were lies,
But that’s just, a way, to create, your alibi.
You struggle, to accept, that, someone, really loves you,
Regardless, of the demons, that reside, inside of you,
Our, skeletons, dance, in the closet, can we, set them free,
I guess, there is no answer, if you can’t, trust, in we.
There, are things, we all hide, but in the end, it amounts, to trust,
Because, the fruit, lies inside, underneath, the crust,
Hearts, can not, be given back, and even, though you try,
You’re, just trying, to kill the hope, to stop, those tears, you cry.
Though, you’ve tried, so many ways, to pretend, it was never there,
You just can’t, escape, the fact, that someone, truly cares,
All the things, that, we share, are, tied to this, emotion,
As, your self denial, tests, your true devotion.
One day, You’ll realize, assumptions, caused this all,
Still, we have the future, and onward, I will crawl,
You hope, that, I’ll find peace, but tell me, what about you,,
Because, peace, for me is, in your arms, yet, hiding, is all you do.
I’ll be waiting, all alone, with my arms, open wide,
Until, again, you’ve had enough, and let, your heart, decide,
We, both know, what we have, no matter, what you might say,
Is locked, inside, hearts and minds, and to kill it, there’s no way!!!



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