to Marcy Howard

Now, you try to tell me, that, everything, is gone,
And you, would have me, believe, the silence, of our song,
You say, I gave you, profound pain, but, that’s, what you gave me,
But you, can’t take, the love away, pretending, you can’t see.
You say, you have true love, and your best friend,
How long, will it be, before, it’s happening again,
True love, never tires, and never, is it bored,
Though outwardly, you condemn, never, to be restored.
Marcy, my darling, when will, you see,
Those things, you say, I did, are what, you did to me,
Gossip, didn’t kill it, or, imagined facts,
And even separation, the truth, does not detract.
I know, emotion holds you, yet, you’re linked, to the past,
Why is it, you believe, your return, will make it last,
Stop running, from the good, don’t look, for reasons,
To pretend, it’s not there, that what, I did was treason.
Words, can be, like daggers, but also, they can heal,
And no matter, what you say, you know, this love, is real,
Open, up your heart, let’s tell, each other all,
For, the way things, stand right now, there’s no place, left to fall.



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