At Times


At times we’d like to close our eyes,
To get a better view,
And with these eyes tightly closed,
All I see is you,
I find myself turning my head,
If its you I think I see,
Then the heart realizes,
The mind lies to me.
Though thoughts of you make me smile,
Without you life seems less,
Im happy for the things we feel,
Yet to alone we now regress,
Details emerge from random thought,
Pictures of only you,
Even with the channel changed,
You’re all that’s coming through.
Is it wrong to hold on so hard,
To believe in what we feel,
Especially being positive,
That all we found is real,
A dream that seems to hold us close,
And one we cant let go,
If the heart can hold you close,
Must the arms let go.
There are moments in this life,
That have their own real shine,
And with you on my mind each day,
Inside I call you mine,
Life might make us feel unsure,
But in this there’s no debate,
Thinking of you is when I smile,
So I guess I’ll sit and wait.
I wait for you in my dreams,
And I wait in my waking hours,
I found you in this busy life,
And the memory never sours,
Its you I truly want and need,
And it’s you that holds my soul,
The love I found inside your arms,
Is the one thing that makes me whole.

October 10th,2016

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