To Marcy Howard

Yes I remember what day it is.
It’s a day I’ll never forget,
And as the time ticks away,
The emotion is stronger yet,
I hope you’re happy on this day,
That comes only once a year,
And on your birthday you can know,
Love’s still waiting here.
But as yhe day comes to an end,
Show a smile for me,
That smile might make it easier,
For a heart  to think it’s free,
Each day, holds possibilities,
And the night holds our dreams,
I hold you both day and night,
In a world not what it seems.
This heart still belongs to you,
And on your birthday I would ask,
That we could hold each other tight,
Underneath the moonlight’s grasp,
I hope your birthday brings you cheer,
That happiness is your friend,
I’ve waited now for two long years,
On this birthday please make it end!
     HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   Love still lives!



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