to Marcy Howard

A, strong steady wind, stirs, the leaves around,
As the leaves, swirl about, with, their singular sound,
The wind, mimics the turmoil, hidden, deep within,
As the leaves, dance about, a skeleton, wears his grin.
You, can not, stem the flow, of, the falling leaves,
As the skeleton, shows, a smile, for your love, he grieves,
The chill, that is, inside the air, is the, grip, of the past,
As, the skeleton, whispers, hoping, he will last.
He tells, you things, just won’t last, gives you, reasons to quit,
But maybe, you could listen to me, and finally, stop his shit,
I f, you look, for reasons, or want me, to go away,
The skeleton, will, grow stronger, each and every day.
As, the swirling winds, bring sounds, of clattering bones,
Don’t do this, on what you think, do it, on what is known,
Marcy, my darling, please, believe, I have nothing, here, to hide,
What you feel, in your heart, shouldn’t, stay inside.
I would, get, on my knees, if that, would make, you see,
That, I need you, in my life, you have all, of me,
And if, you ask your heart, To let our love begin,
You can free, us both, from the skeleton’s whirlwind.



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