A Simple Thought

To Marcy Howard

It seems there are periods of time,
When heart and mind live in the dark,
As all of this time needing you,
Leaves it’s telltale marks,
The only ray of sunshine,
In a dark and gloomy place,
Is just a simple thought of you,
The memory of your face.
When the darkness beckons to me,
A simple thought can change the mood,
I just think of touching you,
And an aching heart is soothed,
I might stand in the rain alone,
Might even be soaked to the skin,
Yet with a simple thought of you,
This face soon wears a grin.
Darkness is not a place or time,
It’s the resting of the day,
And if the dark becomes our home,
Light obscures the way,
Soon the darkness is comforting,
Inside it live the thoughts we hold,
But with a simple thought of you,
Alone is not so cold.
The darkness setyles on the soul,
Yet the issue is in the eyes,
If in the darkness you have empty arms,
The light becomes alone’s disguise,
My sun is now a simple thought,
It burns with thoughts of you,
And each day with a simple thought,
Holding you comes true.
        It lives.



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