Blind Eye


We look at things around us,
But there’s so much that we don’t see,
Within things that imprison us,
Those dreams we can’t let free,
The past it seems conditions,
Our responses and our thoughts,
Cast in a giant spiderweb,
And by our scars we’re caught,.
Judgement puts on blinders,
To the things we know are real,
Lost inside a whirlpool,
That spins the things we feel,
Our eyes hold all our questions,
Yet the key is what’s inside,
Blinded by the darkness,
With the thoughts we always hide.
While our eyes are open,
Our dreams at times get lost,
Innocence the price we pay,
Is the person then the cost,
Does a mirror hold the answers,
Is the image something real,
Or is the only thing you feel,
The product of what we feel.
Late at night when fast asleep,
Do we somehow see something more,
Or is it that our feeble minds,
In our dreams are allowed to explore,
In our eyes we see color,
And at times eyes are filled with light,
But does that color still exist,
When shadowed in the night.
Hopes and dreams are invisible,
Yet they’re tangible and real,
A product of imagination,
Or the sum of what we feel,
If our eyes are closed,
Is it somehow easier to see,
That with society’s condemnation,
We’re never truly free.
Emotions live within us,
But with that knowledge are we blind,
Is our sight conditioned by what we hear,
By our thoughts are we defined,
Truth lives within our hearts,
But is it poisoned by our minds,
And if our thoughts are somehow caged,
Are we in essence then blind.

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