Blood Red

To Marcy Howard

A woman’s hands hold out a heart,
As blood drips from pumping veins,
Beating until every drop is gone,
Leaving telltale stains,
Beautiful fingers hold the heart,
As the blood tattoos her arms,
I stand there watching, mesmerized,
At times, blood has its charms.
As the blood and gore hypnotize,
It seems to affect my sight,
And as the heart begins to slow,
Shadows roam the night,
A sensual smile adorns her face,
As the blood slowly drips,
Leaving puddles around her feet,
Yet she never slips.
No effort can make me look away,
And the blood turns darker red,
Its then I feel a strange sensation,
A strange feeling in my head,
A smile spreads across her face,
The answer is what I see,
The heart she holds in those beautiful hands,
Is the heart she took from me.
     Still yours.



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