This Heart Makes Mine


A touch upon a soft tanned neck,
A whisper in the night,
The subtle smell of pears,
And a smile in the light,
Thoughts of the color red,
A home lost in time,
The sound of music playing loud,
All things this heart makes mine.
A touch upon full red lips,
An innocent stolen kiss,
Lying underneath the stars,
In a state of pleasant bliss,
Eating in a restaurant,
Watching eyes that shine,
Sunburn on a windy beach,
All things this heart makes mine.
A cup of coffee on a moonlit porch,
Girls laughter in the air,
Frisbee throwing on the lawn,
Watching lightning bugs appear,
Walking on an outdoor trail,
Losing track of time,
Hand in hand for every step,
All things this heart makes mine.
Walking through a flea market,
Driving in the car,
Feeling your body next to me,
Now I wonder where you are,
Awakened by dreams in the night,
With you embedded in my mind,
All these things remembered,
With a heart no longer mine.

February 17th, 2016

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