To Marcy Howard

Sometimes in the lives we lead,
It seems, we’re just going through the motions,
Looking for something to dull the pain,
With all our drinks, pills and potions,
Nothing on this earth will work,
Each day, becomes a routine,
Alive, yet not living,
With hearts caught in between.
The reasons that we live for,
Become more important with each day,
But all those goals and ambitions,
Lost in the scars of memories haze,
If you know someone’s your other half,
Yet the reality is you’re apart,
Possibilities seem to dwindle,
Left with half a heart.
Enjoying what few things we have,
Can be a chore with half a soul,
If you know who your other half is,
Only they can make you whole,
A painful thing just to read,
And a fate we don’t wish to live,
Because nights become a hellish place,
For dreams, have no pity to give.
Millions of people surround us,
Yet they all seem to have your face,
And every day that we wake up,
We emerge from a dream someplace,
You hope for a glimpse or a whisper,
But you don’t see or hear a thing,
Without that person in your life,
Existence is all you bring.
It might be tough every day,
And time doesn’t make it end,
In the morning when you awake,
Its those memories you defend,
Only you can know for sure,
If holding on is worth the persistence,
As things stand without you,
Its not living, its an existence.
     Only you.



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