Bones and Bullets

To Marcy Howard

A bullet leaves a gaping wound,
The evidence of its touch,
But there are bullets that leave no trace,
Yet cause bleeding just as much,
A real bullet could cause our death,
The damage readily seen,
While words can cause the same effect,
Regardless of what we mean.
A bullets path will leave a scar,
But words leave scars no one can see,
Though the blood may not flow,
It can cause suffering, endlessly,
Once fired a bullet can not return,
As it rips through flesh and bone,
Yet words cause wounds that are unseen,
And leaves a heart alone.
That bullet may cause physical pain,
Yet words cause pain just as real,
And the damage may be just as profound,
In its attempt to kill what we feel,
Strength is needed to heal the wound,
But time isn’t always a cure,
A heart that’s wounded by a spoken word,
Finds today and tomorrow unsure.
A bullet caused a physical scar,
But words make us feel more pain,
And no matter how much it bleeds,
Without you it will always remain,
Emotions came with things we found,
Though wounded there’s no way it dies,
And as the bullet rips flesh and bone,
Neither kill the love in our eyes.
.       Love remains.



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