The Snowflake’s Reach


Snowflakes fall with a steady flow,
Falling on frozen ground,
Soon the landscape is dressed in white,
And we’re left with only sound,
Though outside it’s cold and white,
The land’s blanket is white and pure,
Each step becomes an act of faith,
For only the surface is sure.
A snowflake touches uncovered skin,
With the sensation the skin’s alive,
Though it has it’s singular beauty,
It’s still just water inside,
Is there solace somehow derived,
From a snowflake touching the face,
Or are these snowflakes echoes of,
Those tears we can’t erase.
As the snowflakes are hurled down,
Is there peace in watching them fall,
Can itbe a calming effect,
When memories come to call,
Is a desire to walk while it snows,
Some silent internal pull,
That only manifests itself,
When it feels the heart is full.
Is there somehow a lesson here,
That though different we’re all the same,
That the things a heart might feel,
Are real not a game,
The heart can reach through the falling snow,
It can overcome the cold,
And though the snow is white and pure,
It hides what the landscape holds.
If you really think of it,
As individuals we mirror the snow,
Our skin becomes the covering,
To hide what we don’t show,
The Snowflakes zwirl all around,
With their presence the sky is white,
And though a heart’s alone with them,
An emotion becomes its light.
A snowstorm always has an end,
The sun again will shine,
And all those things we feel inside,
Are the things we can call mine,
Some things are pwrpetual,
Just as we know the snow will fall,
Still a heart waits for you,
Through snow and through it all!

January 30th,2016

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