Missing Angel

to marcy howard

I can feel, you’re missing me, as the thought, rolls down, my cheek,
As, the moonlight, filters down, with peace, what I seek,
A wave of loss, comes again, is there an end, to this storm,
In the eye, of this hurricane, the heart, keeps you warm.
Momentarily, I close my eyes, and my angel, comes to me,
Speaking of forever, setting, this heart free,
Seeing the sparkle, in those eyes, only makes me smile,
So, I guess, I’ll just remember, for awhile.
Though, her touch saved meHer wings, carried her away,
But, just before, she left, she saved my world, I’d say,
In my dreams, she’s lying, lying, right next to me,
And with these thoughts, Im alive, yet my heart, never free.
I can feel, she misses me, she feels, my same pain,
And though, she had to go away, her tears, the falling rain,
I’m sure, she will return, I feel, it’s on her mind,
With the, tears on my pillow, the only comfort, that I find.



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