Marcy I Need

To Marcy Howard

Marcy, I need you;and I know, you need me,
So, why not try;to believe, what you see,
Forget, all the rumours, the judgemental advice,
Look, to a future;to our dreams, that entice,
I need, to be able;to tell you, my dreams,
To give you, myself;no matter, what seems.
Marcy, I need you;to complete, this, lost soul,
To give me, tomorrow; to, fill in, this hole,
We found, each other;it happened, on its own,
No one else, helped it;it was us, alone,
I need, to hold you;to prove, we, is right,
To no longer live;in this, perpetual night.
Marcy, I need you;to give me, your hand,
To, not back away;so, for love, we can stand,
I need you, to give me; your sparkling smile,
So, my eyes, can be happy;with my heart, for awhile,
I, need you, with me;to make, this soul, complete,
So both of us; can loneliness, defeat.
Marcy, I need you;to hold me, each day,
To live out, our hopes;the blue’s chase away,
I know, that you love me;and you know, Iove you,
We can, grab, our dreams;no matter, what’s due,
Marcy, I need you;let’s water, the seed,
Because, you’re who I love;its you, Marcy, I need!!
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